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Pre-IPO investments via our platform have returned an average of 64% and up to 341% in a few short months

Past performance is not an indicator of future results.

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Largest & Established
Global Companies

Invest early at the pre-IPO stage in some of the biggest and most established private companies in the world.

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Easily buy and sell your pre-IPO shares at the best possible price with the biggest liquidity in the pre-IPO marketplace.

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Account Manager

No matter how big your portfolio we offer you a personal account manager that will help you make the right choices.

We let our reviews speak for themselves:

I had invested in IPOs before but only on the day of the IPO actually listing.
The Smart IPO platform has allowed me to diversify more and invest pre-IPO, making a far higher return.

Eric Matthews


The advice from my advisor is excellent. I have invested in multiple companies with Smart IPO and even sold my shares before the IPO listed for a 58% return in just 2 months.

Pamela Knight


I had lost money investing in IPOs before. Then I came across Smart IPO, the signup process was super easy. Plus I found they only focused on companies that had great potential.

Peter Gourney

Hong Kong

Honestly wouldn't know how to invest pre-IPO if I had not found David and the Smart IPO platform. In a market which has been extremely volatile, I have still made good returns.

Stefan Vliet


If you're looking to invest in IPOs without too much experience or knowledge, the Smart IPO platform will be the easiest way as a retail investor with a small portfolio.

Johannes Radig

South Africa

After I signed up to Smart IPO I spoke to Daniel my account manager, he has been amazing at talking me through the processes involved. As a novice invetor this has been a real game changer.

Cathrine Stanley


I was nervous at the start but Michael walked me through everything. Once I had access to my online account, Michael talked me through each company I was most interested in and I was able to compare each company side by side. I would never be able to have the peace of mind I have without such a great support team who are always there to answer questions.

Patricia Kelly


Here's How it Works

We match buyers with sellers

  • We source shares from company employees, private equity firms, VCs or institutional investors.
  • Instantly view share availability for each company, along with the share price and more. 
  •  We make the process simple; matching buyers with sellers and facilitating the transfer of the shares with zero fees for the buyer.
moderation settings

Investing with less paperwork 

  • Select the pre-IPO shares you wish to invest into and select how many shares you wish to buy.
  • Submit your request and your account manager will call you to verify the investment.
  • You will receive an electronic share purchase agreement to sign and return. Deposit your funds and the shares are then transferred.

Advice on the exit for high returns

  • Pre-IPO investing is about getting in early and timing your sale perfectly for the biggest return.
  • Your account manager will advise you on when to sell in order to make the most from your investment, the final decision is yours. 
  • Share prices frequently rise before the IPO lists and with high liquidity you are not relying on the IPO listing to sell your shares.

Find Your Next Opportunity!
Most Popular Pre-IPO Shares for 2023


SpaceX is an American spacecraft manufacturer, launcher and satellite communications company founded in 2002 by Elon Musk. Starlink is a satellite internet constellation owned and operated by SpaceX, providing satellite Internet access coverage to over 56 countries. It also aims for global mobile phone service after 2023. The share price has been rising every year and now could be the best time for investors to secure shares before its too late.


Established by the Collison brothers in 2010, Stripe is a fintech company that mainly facilitates digital payments. Stripe enables millions of companies to start, run and scale their businesses in over 120 countries and it is estimated Stripe processes 1 in 5 online payments globally. Stripe has been waiting in the wings for an IPO for a while and as one of the most valuable private companies in the world it is a great investment that is likely to pay off big in the future.


TikTok Global

TikTok is owned by Chinese company ByteDance, which postponed plans of its own to list offshore in July 2021, after Chinese regulators raised data security concerns and tensions between the US and China stopped a US listing which meant the parent company getting ready for a Hong Kong listing. However, it seems the majority of requirements have now been met for TikTok to be listed on a US stock exchange, and the IPO is eagerly awaited.



London-based crypto platform Blockchain.com is planning a US IPO at the end of 2023. In April 2022, it reported that Blockchain.com had interviewed banks ahead of the potential US IPO and would finalise the deal by the end of this year. In March 2022, they were valued at $14 billion. Six months later, as with many tech firms, their value was slashed to $3 billion, allowing investors to pick up shares cheaper before the next crypto bull run and the IPO.


Ant Group

Ant Group is a Chinese payment company founded by Jack Ma, the founder of Alibaba. The IPO was expected to take place in 2020. Two days before the listing, it was announced the IPO would be suspended due to regulatory issues. In July 2023 Ant Group agreed that major investors could sell up to 7.6% of their shares in a buy back agreement, this is a great opportunity for investors and with regulatory clampdowns out the way, Ant can again revive its IPO.


Swedish buy now, pay later provider Klarna has been around for 18 years, so it’s not exactly been in a rush to go public. But the company aims to be profitable in 2023 and that is looking extremely likely, which would make it a good IPO candidate for a EU or US listing. Klarna took steps to cut its losses in half in the first quarter of 2023 compared to a year ago while still growing revenue. And it has said it’s targeting profitability in 2023, another strong hint that an IPO is likely a consideration.


Benefits of Opening a Smart IPO Account

Online Access

Access your online account from your browser on any device.

Digital Process

Buy and sell shares online, less paperwork, lower fees.

Account Manager

Dedicated account manager to advise you on how to profit.

Deposits - Withdrawals

Make deposits and withdrawals from anywhere in the world.

Educate Yourself

Learn pre-IPO investing with resources and education.

Simple KYC

Easy KYC process for quick and painless onboarding.

Filter Opportunities

Filter investments to find the right opportunities for you.

Email Notifications

Updates on new opportunities and share availability.


What Is Pre-IPO Investing?

Pre-IPO stocks are shares that a private company sells to investors before the company goes public (before its IPO). Most companies who sell pre-IPO stock use a process called pre-IPO placement. These shares are often bought with extremely high minimum investment levels by institutional investors like hedge funds and private equity firms, or given out to employees as benefits. However the Smart IPO platform enables the average retail investor to get involved with as little as $10,000 and we have simplified the process, handling all of the complex legal and paperwork.

Why Do Companies Sell Pre-IPO Shares?

Pre-IPO placements allow a company to raise funds before it goes public. Once a company goes public, its share price can be affected by a wide range of factors. Pre-IPO shares, on the other hand, are not subject to market-related volatilities. The company can sell large blocks of shares at a fixed price and raise a predictable amount of money. Large investment firms, hedge funds, and other institutional investors who have unmatched resources, expertise, and decades of experience are the ones that buy most pre-IPO shares. They can guide the company’s management, help them make the right decisions, and smoothen the process of transitioning from a private company into a publicly-traded company.

How Does Your Platform Acquire Shares?

The investors that initially invest in these private companies, as explained above, may at times have the need to sell part of their position to raise capital for other ventures and investments. The Smart IPO platform allows those investors to list their shares for sale via our platform. The Smart IPO platform never actually buys the shares, we are simply a marketplace to match sellers with buyers and help facilitate the transfer of the shares to make it easier for retail investors to become involved in the pre-ipo process. 


What Are the Advantages of Pre-IPO Investing?

Pre-IPO investing has advantages that are difficult to duplicate in any other investment market. The main advantage is the ability to see exponential returns. This is the biggest reason why many seasoned investors choose to invest pre-IPO. If you pick the right company at the right time, you can get enormous returns on your investment. Also when you invest in pre-IPO shares, you don’t know how the company will actually perform once it goes public. To offset this risk, private companies usually offer pre-IPO shares at a discounted price. As an example; If a company sets its IPO price at $20 per share, it might offer pre-IPO shares at $10 per share. That lets you buy in at a lower price that’s likely to yield profit even if the IPO is not highly successful. One of the biggest benefits of pre-IPO investing is that you are investing in a company that is on its way up. If the company performs well, you can benefit enormously from its growth in the long term. It is not uncommon for million-dollar startups to turn into billion-dollar public companies, especially in the tech industry. So, your investment in a company at the pre-IPO stage could pay off massive returns in the future and help you build long-term wealth.

What Are Some Previous Examples of Profits Made?

One of the most commonly cited pre-IPO success stories is that of the Alibaba Group, the Chinese conglomerate which went public in 2014. Before going public, Alibaba offered pre-IPO shares (at less than $60 per share) to investment firms and high net worth investors. Among the investors who bought Alibaba’s pre-IPO shares was Ozi Amanat – a Singapore-based venture capitalist. He bought a block of shares worth $35 million. A few months later, Alibaba went public in the largest global IPO to date, and its share price reached $90 on the very first day. It allowed Ozi Amanat and other investors to earn a 50% return on their investment in a span of just a few months.

A more recent example was that of Porsche AG, the German car manufacturer, pre-ipo shares were offered a few months before their listing at 56 Euros per share. The company listed at 84 Euros on the 29th of September 2022 and reached as high as 120 Euros in May of 2023 showing a profit of nearly 115%.

What if I buy Shares and the IPO Never Lists?

The share price of a private company still rises, providing the company performs well, even before being listed on an exchange. A private company will go through many funding rounds before it lists as an IPO, at each of these funding rounds the share price is set and shares are sold to private investors, this is usually when the Smart IPO platform is able to obtain the highest number of shares and the highest demand for those shares arises, due to media attention. A recent example of this is with SpaceX. SpaceX shares have risen more than 550% in the last 6 years, if you had of invested $50,000 just 6 years ago we could sell those shares today for more than $250,000. The demand for shares in these companies is high and there is large liquidity, meaning you are not relying on the company to list their IPO to make a profit and exit your position.

Do I Have to Live in a Certain Country to buy Shares?

The Smart IPO platform accepts clients from the majority of countries and we have a large number of clients across the UK, Europe and Asia. However US persons or people living and working in the US are restricted, as the US only allows accredited investors to invest into pre-ipo shares.

Is There a Minimum Investment?

The Smart IPO platform has a minimum investment of ten thousand dollars or euros. 

What are the Fees or Charges Involved?

The Smart IPO platform charges nothing to investors looking to buy shares. However when you sell your shares we charge a 1% fee on the total sales price. You are able to transfer your shares outside of the platform in order to sell them somewhere else, however the transfer fee would be 1% of the current sales value.

The Easiest Way to Invest in Pre-IPO Shares

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Past performance is not an indicator of future results.

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