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I had invested in IPOs before but only on the day of the IPO actually listing.
The Smart IPO platform has allowed me to diversify more and invest pre-IPO, making a far higher return.

Eric Smith


The advice from my advisor is excellent. I have invested in multiple companies with Smart IPO and even sold my shares before the IPO listed for a 58% return in just 2 months.

Pamela Fletcher

The Dizzy Knitter

I had lost money investing in IPOs before. Then I came across Smart IPO, the signup process was super easy. Plus I found they only focused on companies that had great potential.

Peter Julian


Honestly wouldn't know how to invest pre-IPO if I had not found David and the Smart IPO platform. In a market which has been extremely volatile, I have still made good returns.

Stef van Vliet


If you're looking to invest in IPOs without too much experience or knowledge, the Smart IPO platform will be the easiest way as a retail investor with a small portfolio.

Johannes Radig



What Is Pre-IPO Investing?

Why Do Companies Sell Pre-IPO Shares?

Pre-IPO placements allow a company to raise funds before it goes public. Once a company goes public, its share price can be affected by a wide range of factors. Pre-IPO shares, on the other hand, are not subject to market-related volatilities. The company can sell large blocks of shares at a fixed price and raise a predictable amount of money. Large investment firms, hedge funds, and other institutional investors who have unmatched resources, expertise, and decades of experience are the ones that buy most pre-IPO shares. They can guide the company’s management, help them make the right decisions, and smoothen the process of transitioning from a private company into a publicly-traded company.

How Does Your Platform Acquire Shares?

The investors that initially invest in these private companies, as explained above, may at times have the need to sell part of their position to raise capital for other ventures and investments. The Smart IPO platform allows those investors to list their shares for sale via our platform. The Smart IPO platform never actually buys the shares, we are simply a marketplace to match sellers with buyers and help facilitate the transfer of the shares to make it easier for retail investors to become involved in the pre-ipo process. 


What Are the Advantages of Pre-IPO Investing?

What Are Some Previous Examples of Profits Made?

What if I buy Shares and the IPO Never Lists?

The share price of a private company still rises, providing the company performs well, even before being listed on an exchange. A private company will go through many funding rounds before it lists as an IPO, at each of these funding rounds the share price is set and shares are sold to private investors, this is usually when the Smart IPO platform is able to obtain the highest number of shares and the highest demand for those shares arises, due to media attention. A recent example of this is with SpaceX. SpaceX shares have risen more than 550% in the last 6 years, if you had of invested $50,000 just 6 years ago we could sell those shares today for more than $250,000. The demand for shares in these companies is high and there is large liquidity, meaning you are not relying on the company to list their IPO to make a profit and exit your position.

Do I Have to Live in a Certain Country to buy Shares?

The Smart IPO platform accepts clients from the majority of countries and we have a large number of clients across the UK, Europe and Asia. However US persons or people living and working in the US are restricted, as the US only allows accredited investors to invest into pre-ipo shares.

Is There a Minimum Investment?

The Smart IPO platform has a minimum investment of ten thousand dollars or euros. 

What are the Fees or Charges Involved?

The Smart IPO platform charges nothing to investors looking to buy shares. However when you sell your shares we charge a 1% fee on the total sales price. You are able to transfer your shares outside of the platform in order to sell them somewhere else, however the transfer fee would be 1% of the current sales value.

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