When is the Starlink IPO and can you buy Pre-IPO shares?

The idea of an impending IPO for Starlink has investors understandably excited. What exactly is Starlink, and is an IPO on the horizon?

There's been a great deal of speculation surrounding Elon Musk's satellite internet business Starlink, and for good reason. It's been referred to by many as the future of global connectivity, offering low latency and high speed in even the most remote locations. To date, the company controls roughly 3,600 satellites and boasts over a million subscribers.

The idea of an impending initial public offering (IPO) for Starlink has investors understandably excited — for several reasons. First and foremost is Musk's reputation in the investment space. Twitter notwithstanding, the man has been involved in multiple high-profile and highly successful tech companies. Starlink itself is an offshoot of one of his other companies, SpaceX.

Even without Musk's involvement, Starlink has immense market potential. A lack of connectivity represents one of the most significant bugbears facing the proliferation of technology like autonomous vehicles and the internet of things. By removing this restriction, Starlink could cultivate a flood of invention and innovation and allow edge computing to well and truly thrive.

The company is now working with Greece to create one of the world's first smart cities, and Telstra Group recently became one of the first service providers to offer Starlink connectivity to rural Australians. Parent company SpaceX was also recently awarded a contract by the Pentagon in the US to provide internet terminals for use in Ukraine.

Plus with Starlink mobile looking to be launched in early 2024, every single mobile phone in the world becomes a potential client for Starlink which could then see it become the most valuable company in the world.

There has been a great deal of speculation around the possibility of a Starlink IPO. Though we have yet to see an announcement in any official capacity, some experts have suggested that the IPO date may be closer than many realize. With that in mind, those considering a Starlink investment must ensure they understand the company and its technology as soon as possible.

Does Starlink have an IPO date?

Starlink is not publicly traded, and there is no concrete date for a Starlink IPO. However IPO announcements normally come with very short notice and many people are estimating that the IPO will almost certainly come in 2024.

SpaceX President and Chief Operating Officer Gwynne Shotwell said at the 2023 Commercial Space Transportation Conference in February. While speaking about a planned testing milestone for SpaceX's rockets, Shotwell claimed that 2023 is the year Starlink will make money. She also added that the company had a cashflow positive quarter in 2022.

There's also SpaceX's reported revenue for 2022 — just over US$3.3 billion, US$1 billion of which originated from Starlink.

Provided Starlink continues experiencing positive cashflow and growth, we may see an IPO as early as February 2024, if not earlier. Analysts believe that once the company goes public, it could do so with a potential addressable market of US$40 billion a year. The company allegedly has the potential for up to US$30 billion in annual revenues and an overall valuation of up to US$42 billion.

What is the Starlink share price or SpaceX share price?

At present investors are required to invest in shares of SpaceX and not Starlink, as Starlink is currently not entirely a separate entity. The general perception is that before the IPO Starlink will be spun off into a separate entity and shareholders in SpaceX will then be able to convert some or all of their shares into Starlink stock before the IPO lits.

The share price of SpaceX currently sits at US$80 and has been increasing every single year since the company started and has risen 400% over the last 3 years.

This is what makes pre-IPO shares in SpaceX which will then give you pre-IPO shares in Starlink such a good investment. You do not need to wait until the IPO lists to sell the shares, if you had invested just $20,000 US dollars in 2020, you could sell those shares now for over $80,000 US dollars, a 400% return.

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